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My sun sign is Taurus, which stands for beauty, simplicity and non-verbal approach of life.

My moon sign is Snake which is connected to mysteries, silence and distance.

My element is Fire, it leads to astral view and natural leadership.

Back to Earth:

I'm at best just an empty mirror, reflecting the subconscious energies that pulse through me.

Then again, I deliberately choose these specific colors, shapes and ideas in order to represent who I am and what I do.

I don't intentionally make photos, they find me instead - all I do is to carry a camera in my backback while being on the move.

I press the trigger when a striking visual moment hits my mind's eye, if there isn't one, I simply move on.

We all live in the age of Aquarius with its planets Saturn and Uranus. The first one stands for negativity, discipline and solitude, the last one for inventions.

My pictures are therefore seen as inventions, things, items - no more and no less.

Art is not work and it's not worth money, but it's worth experiencing, acquiring and sharing it, therefore please feel free to communicate whatever you want, by writing me.

Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit hPage.com.